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Japan Club E-board Members

The Michigan State University Japan Club aims to form a community of like minded people. We welcome anyone that has any interest in anything to do with Japan, whether you're studying Japanese, were born in Japan, or just enjoy Japanese culture, there's a place for you! We host social nights every Thursday, where we organize games, watch movies, or just hang out and talk. We often collaborate with other RSOs to host our annual events such as a Kickoff Picnic, Halloween Curry Party, and Spring Island Bazaar. Outside of events, we also work with various organizations to help welcome Japanese international and exchange students to MSU.

our team

Kaya Chakrabortty

Kaino Johansen
Vice President

Jordan Nie

Sophie Cleland

Lana Hashimoto
External Affairs

Meghna Nair
Graphic Designer

Sadiya Balqisa
Co-Graphic Designer

Marla Whitfield

Quin Strausbaugh

Harley Graves
Event Coordinator

Kristen Nguyen

Ryuku Tsuji

Josh Wu
E-Board Member

Ali Kurmasha
E-Board Member

Ivan Redondo
E-Board Member
honoring our past members
A section for honoring all our wonderful members that have contributed
in the past.

Risa Wethington
President, VP & Chef

Momoko Watanabe
President, VP & Treasurer

Shiko Chin
President & Chef

Hana Nishii
Vice President

Robert Yang
Internal Treasurer

Uta Nishii

Yujian Wei
Public Relations

Yuka Miyoshi

Alex Kim
Event Coordinator

Carter Huang
E-Board Member

Anna Lin
E-Board Member

Itsuki Okamoto
E-Board Member

Yuma Mizushima
E-Board Member